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Best XI of La Liga 2019/20

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La Liga has always been a home to a lot of exquisite players and this season has been no different. Real Madrid clinched their 34th league title on the penultimate day of the season whilst Barcelona’s mixed bag season can only be redeemed with a good performance in the Champions League.

The individual talent in display has been much more significant this season, with the likes of Gerard Moreno, Mikel Oyarzabal, Lucaz Perez, David Soria and a few others chipping in with their career-best performances. Despite that, they couldn’t cut into the best XI for this season and that speaks for the quality on table.

It is tough to make a XI out of so many options, but here’s TSD’s best XI of La Liga of the 2019/20 edition of the Spanish league.


Picture Source: Twitter

Goalkeeper – Jan Oblak

Back four – Dani Carvajal, Sergio Ramos, Diego Carlos, Sergio Reguilón.

It is never easy to select the perfect goalkeeper because you never know what kind of rabbit goalkeepers pull out of their hats when under pressure. It was really tough to pick the dream goalkeeper with Marc Andre Ter Stegen and Jan Oblak in the same league. But when it comes to clean sheets and goals conceded, Jan beats MATS by a mile.

Jan Oblak has 17 clean sheets and has conceded only 24 goals in the 38 matches he played. He has 45% clean sheets from 38 matchdays. Jan Oblak not only has the skill and reflexes but also the discipline required in a goalkeeper, he has 0 yellow cards this season. It is safe to say Jan Oblak is the best goalkeeper in La Liga this season.

Dani Carvajal joined the Real Madrid youth system when he was 10 years old. He played in La Liga’s second division and gained some experience there. He then played in the Bundesliga for Bayer Leverkusen only to come back to Real Madrid a year later.

Since then he has consistently made it to the starting XI at Real. This season he scored 1 goal and gave 5 assists and at the same time created 19 chances after 33 match days. He has won 42 ariel duels and 96 tackles and also blocked 12 shots. Although he picks up fouls and cards often, Dani Carvajal gets the job done.

Sergio Ramos is not only brilliant at defense but also with his attacking play. He has scored 11 goals this season which is the highest by any defender in La Liga. He also created 5 chances. When it comes to his defensive skills, he has won 94 ariel duels and 109 tackles. Ramos is the perfect choice when it comes to defending and in times of pressure attacking too.

Diego Carlos is more defensive than attacking. He has won 114 ariel duels and 94 tackles, he also made a total of 26 blocks. He also scored 2 goals after 36 match days.

Sergio Reguilon also plays for Sevilla and has beautiful chemistry with Diego Carlos. Reguilon has also scored twice this season. He also has 4 assists and has won 61 ariel duels and 85 tackles.


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Midfield trio – Toni kroos, Sergio Busquets, Frenkie de Jong

Toni Kroos has scored 4 goals and provided 5 assists after 36 match days. He has won 12 ariel duels and 61 tackles. Kross has also created a total of 17 chances. Kroos does exceptionally well when it comes to freekicks and corners. He curves the ball beautifully and ‘Krosses’ it in the box for the attackers.

The midfield should be a perfect combination between mind and energy and who better than Sergio Busquets to maintain and mastermind the whole game. Busquets is easily the most underrated Midfielder. The absence of Busquets can clearly be seen in Barcelona when he isn’t in the playing XI.

Although Busquets doesn’t have the pace, you can always count on him to perform well under pressure. He has 2 goals and has provided 2 assists this season. He also created 13 chances for FC Barcelona.  He has won 47 ariel duels and 113  tackles.

Barcelona signed Frenkie De Jong from Ajax, the club that produced the player that the whole club of Barcelona is centered around Johan Cruyff. Frenkie De Jong definitely understands the whole idea of Barcelona and absolutely has the Barca DNA injected in him.

He has scored 2 goals and has provided 2 assists. He does astonishingly well by holding the ball for a long time and passing it to the right player. He will definitely shine in the coming years.


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Front Three – Iago Aspas, Karim Benzema, Lionel Messi

Iago Aspas has scored 14 goals and provided 3 assists and has also created 18 chanches. Aspas is the right person when the team is in trouble and needs sudden burst of inspiration. He has the right pace to beat all defenders and find the back of the net. Aspas had won 23 ariel duels and 80 tackles.

Karim Benzema has performed brilliantly this season with 22 goals and 8 assists to his name. Benzema knows where and when to be on the pitch to convert chances and even solo he races past the defence to find the net. He has won 26 ariel duels and 60 tackles.

Lionel Messi is undoubtedly the best player of La Liga this season with 25 goals and 22 assists to his name. Messi is the perfect player when it comes to playmaking, but even when he doesn’t score goals he continuously sets up his fellow players. He created a total of 60 chances this season. Messi not only focuses on the attack but also maintains the calm in midfield and controls the game not matter the position he is in.

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