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Formula-E to kickoff hot on heels of F1 season restart

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Track markers are being set in place on the tarmac at Tempelhof Circuit in Berlin as the ABB Formula-E season is set to restart in less than a week on August 3rd. The FIA decided that the best way to finish off the season would be to pack the last 6 races into a 9-day long race week at Tempelhof.

Yes, you read that right. 6 races, 9 days, and 1 track. Not to make it too easy on the drivers, the FIA teamed up with German Motorsport authorities and came up with three different track layouts. First of all, the traditional Templehof circuit, followed by the Reverse circuit and finally, a new never-before-seen layout which is trickier and technical than the former. To add to the drama, none of the drivers have been able to get even a single lap of the new track on the simulator.

“I think it’s quite cool that we changed the layouts, I think it will create a new challenge and mix things up and make it very very difficult for everyone,” said Daniel Abt, Nio 333’s driver.

Apart from the action on the track, teams are expected to face difficulty settling in with the new safety norms. With only 20 members per team on track, it’s going to be interesting to see how the crews cope. Problems may crop up if the teams don’t plan well as each team will only be allowed to get only one delivery of spare parts before race week. According to the new safety regulations each team will have designated areas off-track and all staff movement will be restricted between the track and the hotel.

The F1 season restart in Austria earlier this month saw strict regulations with even more COVID testing than in Berlin, needless to say, inspite of a few minor bumps, it was quite a success. Officials are hoping for similar, if not better results at Tempelhof.

The next week of Formula-E racing restart is going to be a thriller for sure with tons of points up for grabs, new layouts, unusual circumstances and an abundance of rookie drivers with itchy feet on the pedal.

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