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BCCI to retain all Sponsors for IPL 2020

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Amid the tensions which flared up at the Kashmir Border with China, BCCI has decided that it will continue its alliance with all the sponsors including the Chinese companies.

This decision of BCCI has left many people aghast over social media. A major chunk of the IPL supporters were expecting them to go with the sentiment of the nation and leave the Chinese out but that didn’t happen.

Leaving them out in the middle of a contract would have been a very difficult thing for BCCI as that could lead them to the court once again. BCCI currently has some pending court affairs remaining and perhaps remained adamant to not add another controversy to the list.

Also, the current situations will not be much helpful for the board. The amount which they are getting from the Chinese won’t be matched up by any other companies where most of the companies are having troubles surviving midst the Pandemic & the board will not like to suffer loss as the sponsors provide a major chunk of the revenue for them.

Fans unhappy on social media

This move from BCCI left fans bitterly disappointed. The expectation was to remove all the Chinese company associations with BCCI but fans vented out their frustration on social media quite vehemently.

Yes, the Chinese will surely benefit from it because the Chinese Products are not banned in the country yet. Boycott of Chinese Goods, Products, Sponsors is not an easy task for the sports industry as mostly the market is occupied by them.

For BCCI to end the alliances in the middle there can be only one solution which will also avoid the unnecessary legal battle, which would be to add a clause in the contract where they can terminate it because it’s going to hurt the Public Sentiments.

So it should be the government to initiate the action but that could not be done immediately. Had they went on to banish the Chinese organizations, it would have ended in huge losses to everyone which is the last thing BCCI needs from its major income source during a pandemic.

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