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F1 2021 Teams and Driver Lineups


Formula 1 2021 is set to have major changes after 5 years as all the teams signed the concorde agreement. Renault is set to re-brand themselves as Alpine F1 team while Racing Point will be re-branded as Aston Martin.

11 of the 20 drivers on the grid have already been confirmed by the teams. Let us have a gander at the probable drivers lineup for each team in 2021.


6 time Consecutive Constructor Champion Mercedes – AMG Petronas Motorsport team has announced only one of the drivers while the other seat is most certainly will be occupied by 6 time Champion Hamilton.

Confirmed Drivers 

Valterri Bottas – The Finnish driver is set to drive again for the German based F1 team with his contract extended till the end of 2021.

  • Highest Championship Finish- 2nd in 2019 championship standings behind his teammate with 4 wins & 5 pole positions.
  • Bottas signed with Mercedes during 2017 season after the retirement of 2016 World Champion Nico Rosberg.
  • Key Takeaways – Bottas needs to continue finishing on podium for the team to win constructors standing. While to takeover Hamilton in the drivers standing he need to pull a Nico Rosberg.
Image Courtesy : ESPN Twitter

Predicted Driver for Other seat

Lewis Hamilton – In the pursuit of equaling Michael Schumacher’s record of 7th championship title the British driver has not yet signed any contract extension. It is most unlikely that he will drive for any other racing team as he is only 35 years old and recently claimed that “I just think I’m in my highest form I would say”.



Tifosi are gutted to see their team struggling this season with engine issues. Even before the restart of the season Ferrari announced Sebastian Vettel will be replaced by Carlos Sainz. With potential driving lineup the Italian team will have to work on their engine power and mechanics as the 2020 chassis is set to continue for 2021 as well.

Confirmed Drivers

Charles Leclerc – The Monegasque racing driver will continue to serve his long contract until 2024.

  • Highest Championship Finish-4th in 2019 championship standings with 2 wins & 7 pole positions.
  • He won two podiums so far in 2020 with struggling Ferrari car.

Carlos Sainz – McLaren driver Sainz has agreed to a contract with Ferrari till 2022.

  • Last Spanish driver to drive a Ferrari car was 2 time world champion Fernando Alonso for Renault in 2005,06.
  • Highest Championship Finish- 6th in 2019 championship standings with one podium finish.


4 time championship winning team has been struggling with their second driver option besides Max Verstappen after the departure of Daniel Ricciardo. Pierre Gasly winning the Italian Grand prix with Alpha Taurri has regained the speculation of him returning to Redbull cockpit.

Confirmed Drivers

Max Verstappen – Max will serve his contract till 2023 for the Austrian team.

  • Highest Championship Finish-3rd in 2019 championship standings with 3 wins, 2 poles.
  • Max is the youngest driver to win an F1 race at an age of 18 years and 228 days.
Image Courtesy : Twitter.com

Predicted Driver for Other seat

Redbull will seriously look in to the possibility of Pierre Gasly returning to the team after his consistent form in 2020 while on the other hand Alex Albon has just secured his first podium in Tuscan Grand Prix.

  • Pierre Gasly after being sent back to Alpha Taurri has won two podiums so far (1&2).
  • Alex Albon has also been consistent in gaining points & he was unlucky twice after colliding with Hamilton which costed him two most certain podium finishes.

Based on the remaining race performances in 2020 Christian Horner will most certainly take a decision for the coming season.

My Prediction : Alex Albon will be given another year to prove and compete with Mercedes.

McLaren  F1 Team

It will be an eye feast for F1 fans as two of the most entertaining drivers are set to team up. Lando & Ricciardo are set to drive for McLaren next season.

Confirmed Drivers

Daniel Ricciardo – Daniel signed a contract with McLaren following his 2 year stint at Renault. He will replace Carlos Sainz who signed for Ferrari.

  • Highest Championship Finish-3rd in 2014,2016 championship standings with 3&1 win respectively.

Lando Norris – British youngster Lando  Norris is highly impressive last season and secured his first podium this season is all set to continue his run at McLaren till 2023.

  • Highest Championship Finish-11th in 2019 championship standings.

Alpine F1 Team

Renault has a new look next season as they re branded as  “Alpine F1 team“. Fernando Alonso comes out of retirement to lead the team along with Esteban Ocon.

Confirmed Drivers

Fernando Alonso-  The Veteran circled back to his championship winning team after a brief spell of retirement. He will serve his contract till end of 2022. This comes in as a bold move by the French manufacturer as they are struggling in the midfield past 4,5 seasons.

  • Highest Championship Finish-Two time Championship winner(Renault)
  • Alonso is considered one of the all time greats with 32 wins and 97 podium finishes.

Esteban Ocon – Replacing the German Nico Hulkenburg this year Ocon is all set to continue driving until 2021. Previous F2 champion who drove for Force India previously during 2017,18 F1 season has been constantly under criticism for his under par performances.

  • Highest Championship Finish- 8th in the 2017 Championship.

Aston Martin F1 Team

One of the worlds top car manufacturer Aston Martin is all set to return for the F1 world after the commercial re-branding of the Racing Point F1 team. They competed back in 1959-1960.

The other driver seat has not been announced yet but it is no wonder who will occupy it. Lance Stroll, son of the part owner of the team. The Canadian driver has already silenced critics with his drives last year and in this ongoing season.

Confirmed Drivers

Sebastian Vettel – Lawrence stroll recently announced the signing of Sebastian Vettel after failing to win a championship in his 6 year Ferrari career.

  • Highest Championship Finish-Four time Championship winner(Redbull)
  • Vettel has already 53 wins and 120 podium finishes to his name.
Image Courtesy : Twitter.com

Predicted Driver for Other seat

Lance Stroll – The other driver seat has not been announced yet but it is no wonder who will occupy it. Lance Stroll, son of the part owner of the team. The Canadian driver has already silenced critics with his drives last year and in this ongoing season.

Williams F1 Team

One of the oldest racing teams has recently announced that Williams family will step down and race under a new management. After witnessing grand finishes, winning championships an era has came to an end in the F1 racing history.

Team has already announced they will continue with current roster of George Russel & Nicholas Latifi

Confirmed Drivers

George Russel – George is yet to score a championship point after his debut last season. Russel is considered to be replacing Hamilton in the upcoming years.

Nicholas Latifi – Nicholas Latifi who made his debut in the 2020 season is also yet to score a championship point for the Mercedes engine team.

Alfa Romeo F1 Team

Ferrari engine based team struggling to score few points are yet to announce their driver lineups. According to the recent reports there is a speculation that Nico Hulkenburg will replace veteran Kimi Raikkonen. Antonio Giovinazzi on the other hand is facing heat from the Ferrari academy drivers Mick Schumacher, Robert Schwartzman and Callum Illot who are leading the F2 championship standings.

My Prediction – Nico Hulkenburg, Mick Schumacher

Image Courtesy : Twitter.com

Alpha Taurri F1 Team

Recently winning the Italian grandprix held in Monza the Redbull owned team is also yet to announce their roster. Pierre Gasly has a chance to return to Redbull after his most eventful start in 2019. Daniil Kvyat on the other seat will most probably hold his seat. If Pierre Gasly returns to Redbull, Alex Albon will be the top priority choice.

My Prediction – Pierre Gasly, Daniil Kvyat

Haas F1 Team

American licensed F1 team struggling with the Ferrari engine at the back of the pack has struggled with 5 retirements so far for Kevin Magnussen. Hoping to improve for the next season most probably we will see a change in roster. Kevin Magnussen may retain the seat.

Ferrari academy drivers lurking for an opportunity will most likely be awarded with an F1 seat this season. Callum Illot who impressed so far in the F2 championship along with the Prema racing drivers will have a go .

My Prediction – (Callum Illot or Robert Schwartzman), Kevin Magnussen

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