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Bust up at the Parc de Princess – A take on rampant Racial Abuse in football


In football it is quite common for emotions to run high and tempers to flare. A lot of things can be forgiven when done in the heat of the moment. One thing that is unacceptable in football or anywhere, however, is resorting to racial abuse. The most recent among a continuous series of incidents took place at the Parc de Princess where PSG hosted Marseille in the Le Classique.

With PSG losing by a goal in the 95th minute and an ongoing heated exchange between Neymar and Alvaro Gonzalez, all it took was a spark. Paredes lashed out at Benedetto. Both players were on yellow cards and while their fates were sealed, the brawl that followed was unnecessary and brutal.

Neymar Alvaro Gonzalez Racial abuse football
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Kurzawa and Amavi were also shown red cards amidst their displays of violent conduct. When the situation seemed to have finally calmed down, the VAR advised the referee to have a look at a potential red card for Neymar for a punch to the back of the head of Alvaro Gonzalez. After review a red card was shown to Neymar. Another incident that was not spotted by the referees or the VAR was a spit by Angel Di Maria on Alvaro. Further action on this can be expected pending review by the French FA.

The first four red cards were acceptable and normal in the process of the game. This one however stood out from the rest. Neymar claimed that he had been racially abused and called a monkey by Alvaro. While accepting his fault for the punch, he demanded justice for the much more serious offence by Alvaro. Neymar took to Twitter to air his frustrations. He called out Gonzalez on his racial abuse and challenged him to accept blame for his mistake. He tweeted – “VAR catching my ‘aggression’ is easy…. now I want to see the image of the racist calling me “MONO HIJO DE PUTA” (Monkey Motherf*cker)… That I want to see! What’s up? REEL u punish me… CASCUDO am expelled…. what about them? What’s up?”

Racial abuse football Parc de Princess  PSG
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While this particular saga continues, the larger issue at hand is the fact that such racial abuse is still rampant today in football. As educated and civilized members of society, racism is  unacceptable and must not be condoned or supported in any form. Football is a beautiful sport that unites people from all over the world. It creates a competitive spirit based on passion, rivalries and mutual respect.  Racial abuse however is one line that just cannot be crossed.

Following the death of George Floyd in the USA, the Black Lives Matter movement has become on of the most popular and supported global initiatives. All professional players across sports take a knee before the start of any match in support of this movement. Amidst these trying times with the world in the grips of a global pandemic, it is essential that such issues are not overlooked. Racism should not and cannot exist in our society.

Florian Thauvin also made a statement expressing his disappointment in players on both sides. He said ” A lot of children were watching tonight. We all have to be examples.”

As global icons footballers have the responsibility of setting an example for others. The huge fan bases follow the lead of these role models. Racial abuse must be taken very seriously and the punishment for such an offence should be severe. We must all come together as a society to eradicate this centuries old social evil. There is no place for racial abuse in football and in life.

In the words of Peter Drury


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