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NBA Eastern Conference Finals – Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics – Game 2


The Miami Heat narrowly beat the Boston Celtics in Game 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Bam Adebayo’s clutch block was all over the internet after Game 1. The close contest generated a lot of hype for the games to come, and these two teams did not disappoint. The Heat won the second game of the series 106-101, mounting a 17-point comeback.

Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics  Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals.
(Image Courtesy : Twitter.com) Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics


Goran Dragić led the scoring once again for the Heat. The Slovenian scored 25 points and recorded 5 assists as well. Bam Adebayo continued his impressive scoring run and secured Miami 21 points. Butler and Crowder combined for a modest 26 points. Duncan Robinson was the highlight of the Miami side in Game 2. He scored all his 18 points from 3-pointers. It seems like the shooting display spotted by Heat Senior Advisor of Basketball, Chet Kammerer, who scouted Robinson, was on display for everyone to see. Tyler Herro contributed 11 points off the bench, something he is making a habit out of. He also had 9 rebounds in the 32 minutes he spent on the floor.

Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum made hefty contributions to the Celtics’ score with 21, 23 and 21 points respectively. Marcus Smart scored 14 points, which included two 3-pointers. The Celtics’ bench combined for 16 points, the same as that of the Heat’s bench. Tatum won the bulk of the free throws, scoring 9 out the 11 he could.

How the game progressed in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 2

The Celtics’ starters did a good job of pulling away from the Heat in the first half. They went into the dressing room with a 13-point advantage over the Heat. The team from Miami had to take control in the third quarter to stand any chance of winning Game 2. And take control they did. The Heat responded strongly in the third quarter, outscoring the Celtics by 20 points. Adebayo took matters into his own hands, and scored 7 out 8 from the floor. This proved to be too much for the side from Boston to overcome in the fourth quarter, and they ended up going down by 2 games in the series.

The Boston Celtics must give it their all in Game 3 to avoid a scenario such as the Bucks, where they had to win all 4 games to advance to the next round. Jimmy Butler and company were clinical in seeing the Bucks out and will leave no stone unturned in giving the same treatment to the Celtics should the opportunity present itself.

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