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The Impact of the Fantasy game on Premier League Football


Fandom today is more than just supporting the team or watching the sport you love. Being a fan is an experience. Fantasy sports play a huge role in it. It is a consumer-oriented industry aimed at maximizing profits through fan engagement. The best way to engage people and reel in potential viewers is by making them feel part of the process.

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The Fantasy Premier League is a stroke of genius that was introduced initially in the 2002/03 Premier League season. The first year however saw only 76 thousand people take part. We’ve come a long way since those humble beginnings. This season of the FPL has 5.8 million managers actively participating in the game.

The beauty of a fantasy league is that it leaves the power of decision making in the hands of the consumer. As fans, we are always quick with opinions and analysis. FPL gives the managers a chance to implement these ideologies and go head to head with the rest of the Premier League fandom.

The thing that makes FPL an even bigger hit is the mini-leagues. With these mini-leagues friends can compete with each other in a head-to-head environment. It creates competitiveness and banter that is always encouraged in developing fan culture.

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The direct impact of the FPL however is that it significantly increases viewership of Premier League matches. Managers watch more games in an attempt to analyze potential transfers and also to watch their assets perform. This massively increases the brand value of the league. The increased viewership invites sweeter broadcasting and sponsorship deals from companies who see the potential in the league.

The English Premier League is the most-watched and followed domestic league in the world and the FPL has certainly contributed to its position. The increase in cash flow brought about by broadcasting rights also helps attract the best talent from all over the world. The impact of the FPL is obvious and undeniable in the ongoing success of the English Premier League as a global brand.

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