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Denmark Open: Gilmour goes down to Okuhara after a fight


Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara took on Scotland’s Kirsty Gilmour in the first round of the Danisa Denmark Open. The match ended with Okuhara winning with a score-line of 21-7, 21-19. Okuhara was seeded 2nd and Gilmour was seeded 7th in the tournament. Both the players have already qualified for the Tokyo Olympics.

The first game was completely dominated by Okuhara who displayed sheer class. Her elegant drops and beautiful placements proved to be a bit too much for the Scot. The Nagano born girl was looking at her best. At the mid-game interval Gilmour was advised to change her strategy. She was asked to mix-up the shots a bit and wait for Okuhara to make mistakes. Gilmour tried to follow it but the margin was so huge that the game was already a lost cause.

However, the second game saw Gilmour in a completely different mode. She was playing more patiently since the beginning and was waiting for Okuhara to make mistakes. Gilmour was taking full advantage of the fact that Okuhara is one of the shortest players around. Her placements were so beautiful that Okuhara found it difficult to reach those. At the mid-game interval Okuhara had a marginal lead of 2 points. Gilmour was high on spirits and had found some form.

Nozomi Okuhara vs Kirsty Gilmour Denmark Open
Image Source: Twitter) Nozomi Okuhara vs Kirsty Gilmour at the Denmark Open

Post the mid-game interval, she snatched a few quick points. The game went neck to neck till the end with Gilmour leading Okuhara a couple of times. Gilmour’s play actually put Nozomi under a tremendous pressure. The Scot was hitting smashes towards the centre of the court thus not giving Okuhara a lot of angle to play.

But towards the end, Gilmour lost her patience. She was actually in a good position to win the 2nd game when she hit a couple of shots outside. The unforced errors cost her the game and also the match. Okuhara however got a tough fight. Okuhara progressed to the 2nd round where she will face either Jordan Hart of Wales or Miranda Wilson of Germany. It will be interesting to see whether Okuhara will reach the final again this year. That’s all folks!

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