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Portugal 3-0 Sweden: Jota & Bernardo gift Portugal a victory in the absence of Ronaldo


No Ronaldo, No problem. His teammates gave an excellent performance in his absence by earning a 3-0 victory.  Fernando Santos made certain changes in the squad by bringing Felix into the attack in place of Ronaldo and Jota was included in the starting 11. Jota made the perfect use of the opportunity provided to him by scoring 2 goals and providing 1 assist.


The match began and Portugal started to create chances to score in the very starting minutes of the game where Jota went for a shot that got inches away from goal. Portugal started to create options with the attacking 3 players pushing the ball forward and searching for a chance to get a shot. Portugal earned a breakthrough in the 21st minute itself as Bernardo Silva scored the 1st goal of the game by placing the ball beautifully into the bottom left corner. Portugal earned a lead straight away with the start of the game.

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Jota giving chills to Sweden defence

Portugal got another goal coming from Jota as he scored just before the half-time keeping Portugal 2-0 up at the end of half-time.

There was literally no stopping for this player as he scored the 3rd goal for Portugal and Jota was on fire scoring his 2nd goal of the game.

Jota looked deadly into the attack as he was carrying the ball and running past the defenders in a delighted manner which was fun to watch. At the same time, he was aiming for some good shots whenever he got a gap. He was really giving a hard-time to the Sweden defenders as they were trying their best to stop him.

Patricio denying the opportunities

Sweden tried to maintain the maximum possession and they went for some of the best shots in a hope to score their 1st goal of the game but every shot was denied by Patricio by making some good saves. Portugal defence was strong as Pepe and Dias looked furious into the defence. Sweden was trying their level best but it was difficult to get past Patricio.

Final Whistle

And the final whistle was blown as the match ended with Portugal earning a 3-0 victory shining at Lisbon and remaining at the top of the table by earning 10 points from 4 games. Pepe covered up in place of Ronaldo by giving a perfect captain’s performance covering the defence area preventing Sweden from scoring. It was a bad day for Sweden as they were still on the bottom of the table.

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