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UEFA Champions League – Match Day 1 Tuesday Review


The Champions League is finally back with some new level of excitement, thrills, and last-minute opportunities. Finally, the moment has arrived for which we had been waiting for such a long time. Finally, your wait is over as the Champions League tune can reach straight into your hearts which a different level of chills and excitement.

New teams, new players but a common dream, to win the trophy.  Proud moment for the small clubs who are getting a chance to perform in the big league and make a name for themselves, the opportunity for the big clubs to repeat the history and for others, to create a history.

The same level of excitement with a different year. Here we start the UEFA Champions League, the best tournament across the globe. We experienced some of the great matches yesterday with the start of the Champions League season. Some big clubs clashing against one another and providing a reason to make memories.

Let’s have a look at some of the best matches we experienced yesterday:

1# PSG vs. Manchester United

The game we all have been talking about since yesterday provided a different level of excitement, thrills, emotional moments, and a lot more. It has become a trending topic since yesterday as Manchester United yet again repeat history by beating PSG. United started the game with a 3-4-1-2 set-up, a change in formation that gave no chance to the best trio of PSG to open up the goal for their team. United have been exceptional in maintaining the ball possession and we saw a different level of performance from the United side. PSG tried their level best to pull out the shots in order to open up the scoreline, but it is a tough job to get past David De Gea. He made some incredible saves denying the opportunities made by PSG. The match started with an early opportunity for United to open up the scoreline when Martial was fouled in the box and United were awarded a penalty. The penalty was successfully converted into a goal by Bruno, the man leading the team. Martial scored an own goal after the start of the 2nd half which created the panic situation for United again as PSG had equalized the scoreline.

The game-changing moment arrived when Rashford scored a spectacular goal in the last minutes of the game converting the assist by Pogba. This is exactly the situation that he is well known for, changing the game at the last moments. The man just loves scoring in Paris. He repeated history by scoring yet again the last moment goal against PSG. At the end of full time, United beat PSG by 1-2.

2# Lazio vs. Dortmund

Lazio entered the Champions League again and made the maximum use of the opportunity by winning the very first game at home. The match started with a wonderful goal scored at the early stages of the game by none other than the top scorer Immobile leading his team to an early start as they were 1-0 up already at the 6th minute of the game.

Lazio were 2-0 up sooner as the shot got deflected into the goal from the head of the Dortmund keeper and was given as an own goal. What an entry it has been for the Lazio side in the Champions League. Haaland opened the score for Dortmund by hammering the shot & making the score 2-1. The main man of Dortmund doing what he does best every time. A few minutes later, Akpro scored the 3rd goal of the game, the debut goal for the midfielder in the Champions League, and the man Immobile always active in the attack provided the wonderful assist converting the scoreline. The match ended 3-1 at full-time in favor of Lazio.

3# Chelsea vs. Sevilla

Chelsea started the game with Jorginho leading the team and Mendy in the goal. Sevilla having a strong line-up with Rakitic entering the Champions League from the Sevilla side after long. The match began with Sevilla making an attack pulling out the shots but being denied by the Chelsea defenders.

Mendy played a key role in the entire game as he made some great saves for the team. Sevilla looked sharp in the attack as well as defense and were trying to maintain maximum possession into the game. The match ended goalless at the end with a 0-0 draw. Neither team could open up the scoreline.

The Match Day 1 Tuesday ended with some great scenes and entertaining moments.

 Here is the full list of results from the Match Day 1 of the Champions League:

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