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Anup Kumar & His Tactical Brilliance In Kabbadi


Anup Kumar is widely regarded as the greatest kabaddi player of all time. He earned this tag not just because of incisive raiding or adroit captaincy but also because of his tactical intelligence. Each and every move of Anup Kumar on the mat showcases his powers to manipulate the game. Unfortunately, we couldn’t witness it longer as Anup way passed his prime after the third season of Pro Kabaddi. But Anup’s dominance in the first three seasons is a glimpse of his capabilities in prime.

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#1. Bonus ka Badshah

Anup got this nickname from kabaddi viewers because of his mastery over bonus points skill. As a captain, Anup wanted to spend most of the time on the mat so he used this skill to stay safe. He used to get points without stepping out of his safe zone and this helped him to operate the game. He proved that bonus points can be used as blessings when your main aim is to stay on the mat. Many captains like Jasvir and Manpreet Singh tried to follow the same path although most of the raids resulted in empty raids from their side.

#2. Glowness in slowness

Keeping the game’s pace fast may benefit one side but makes things tough for another side to come back. Teams usually keep taking risks during games to increase their leads but Anup chose to follow the opposite path. However, slow paced games mean a big risk at the end but not for the guy who plays kabaddi mentally as well as physically. Take a small lead at the start then develop it slowly without risks throughout the game and that’s his formula to operate. When Anup force or face all-out, his approach changes to play on a do-or-die raid and focus on bonuses.

Do-or-die means you have to score on that raid when your side had two consecutive previous empty raids. It was just in form of the rule before the Pro Kabaddi era but it became an integral part of the gameplan later. Anup utilized do-or-die raids as the main weapon to slow down the pace hence he used Rishank Devadiga as a do-or-die specialist.

#3. The Anup Kumar Academy

Anup stepped in coaching career just a year ago but utilizing player potentials for a long time and the ideal example is Rishank Devadiga. He started Rishank almost every match in the first season but he barely got 20% raids where the rest of them were shared by Shabeer Bapu and Anup himself. Then he utilized Rishank Devadiga’s incursion and introduced him as a do-or-die specialist but Rishank’s breakthrough season under Anup came in the third season. Rishank emerged as a premier raider of U Mumba in spite of having star raiders like Anup Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, and Shabeer Bapu. Rishank played a pivotal in the final run of U Mumba under the guidance of Anup Kumar hence claimed the ‘raider of the season’ award.

#4. Counting the legacy…….

Anup saw the journey of kabaddi from soil to mat thus his adaptability and dedication are commendable. He changed the perception that kabaddi is only a physical sport and proved the mental importance in this game. His contribution is huge statistically and also practically thus it’s impossible to describe his impact through words.


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