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Lewis Hamilton Creates F1 History At The Portuguese Grand Prix


The Portuguese Grand Prix was held at the Algarve International Circuit. It consisted of 66 laps and spanned over an hour. This GP will find mention in the history and general knowledge books and the reason for that is also pretty straightforward. Lewis Hamilton emerged as the winner and set a new world record for the highest number of GPs won by a person in F1 history. He took his tally to 92, beating Michael Schumacher’s tally of 91.

hamilton rewrites f1 history
Image Source: Lewis Hamilton Twitter

Today’s grand Prix was won by Hamilton. His Mercedes partner Valtteri Botas finished second, followed by Max Verstappen of Aston Martin Red Bull, who took third place. The race started with Hamilton in the pole position. At the beginning itself, the Spaniard Carlos Sainz Jr. of McLaren took the lead and Valtteri Bottas was also close. Sainz took the lead for the first 6 laps when he was overtaken by Bottas and Hamilton. Bottas leads the pack for quite some time before he was overtaken by Hamilton. Sainz fell to third place and finally ended the race in the 6th position. This can be owed to the problem caused by the soft tires of his car.

For the Racing Point team, it was a horrible day. Earlier in the race, their driver Perez was thrown off the track after a collision with Verstappen. But the DRS did not penalize any of the drivers. Perez was 20th owing to the crash for a long time. He pulled off an amazing performance to finally finish 7th in the race. Their other driver Stroll was withdrawn. He took up a penalty of 10 seconds. From that, 5 point penalty was for causing a crash with Lundo Norris of McLaren, while trying to overtake him. Grosjean of the Haas team was also given a penalty of 5 points for breaching track limits.

At the top, 4 drivers were almost constant. The first two positions were occupied by the Mercedes pair. There was some tough competition between Leclerc of Ferrari and Verstappen of Aston Martin for the third position. But later, Verstappen took a comfortable lead.  Gasly of the Alpha Tauri team was one to watch out for. The fantastic Frenchman was driving like an overtaking machine. He finished in the 5th position.

There were also some interesting contests between Raikkonen and Ricciardo and also Vettel and Raikkonen. But those were of little consequence since all these players were placed around the 10th position.

The overcast and rainy conditions were proving to be difficult for driving. But history was created today. As Lewis Hamilton was racing towards the finish line, his dad was there to watch his son cross the line and make history. There was a very touching display of father-son bonding when Hamilton hugged his father immediately after winning the race. 92 GP wins is one huge achievement. Will Hamilton be able to breach the 100 GP mark? Considering his current form, he surely can. Another interesting thing to look forward to is Mick Schumacher’s F1 debut. The next GP up is the Emilia Romagna GP on 1st November. Let’s see who wins it. Till then stay tuned!


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