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Dribbling Their Way To Success – Upcoming Ballers In European Football


Every young footballer has some best ability that makes them unique and different from the others. This season, some of the youth players are providing us some eye-catching moments by showing us what they are best at by dribbling mesmerizingly. They have converted their opportunity into the desired result by showing the best level of performance.

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Football has reached a definite height where these young talents are challenging the experienced senior players. The art of dribbling ability is not a thing that you learn and become an expert at, it is something that is natural in you. The talent is possessed by you and it comes to perfection when you become a master of it.

We have experienced some great names of football like Ronaldinho and Ribery who were considered as the god of dribbling as when they entered the field, they created magic with their extraordinary skills.

We got some eye-catching talents that can challenge these legends as well when it comes to excellent dribbling ability. Firstly we experienced Maradona and George Best, then we came across Ronaldinho and Iniesta, with the further years ahead there were players like Messi, Neymar, and Hazard who were considered to be best dribblers and now we got some emerging names that have been into the bigger picture this season looking to draw an impact.

Let’s have a look at such players who have been impressive this season so far:

5# Wilfred Zaha

Wilfred Zaha has been a successive player leading the Crystal Palace attack. He has a dribbling ability averaging around 4.5 successful dribbles per 90 minutes in the Premier League. He has been very successful this season.

This summer the player got offers from big clubs like Arsenal and Everton but he rejected them as he believed that he could do something different by staying at the club and reach bigger heights.

  • Successful dribbling percentage: 58%
  • Dribbles per game: 1.8
  • Possession lost per game:  13.8
  • Duels won per game: 8.0 (44%)


4# Jeremie Boga

Boga has been very impressive so far this season that clubs like Chelsea, Dortmund, and Bayer Leverkusen had an eye on the player. He is a quite talented midfielder and has brilliant tactical ability and pace.

The ex-Chelsea player has been outstanding and impressive throughout the years.  He has just played 1 match this season so far. He has the ability to improve much more in the coming years.

  • Successful dribbling percentage: 67%
  • Dribbles per game: 2.0
  • Possession lost per game: 8.0
  • Duels won per game: 2.0 (50%)


3# Jonathan Ikone

The Frenchman currently plays for the Ligue 1 club Lille. He has played 8 matches so far this season and scored 1 goal. He made a mark by playing in the Champions League last season where he gave some amazing performances that some big clubs like Chelsea and PSG were interested to sign the player.

The youngster has attempted around 155 dribbles this season and completed half of them. He’s got the quite impressive ability with the ball and he can become a future star by playing for some reputed clubs.

  • Successful dribbling percentage: 50%
  • Dribbles per game:  3.0
  • Possession lost per game:  13.0
  • Duels won per game: 5.0 (45%)


2# Allan Saint-Maximin

Saint-Maximin is an emerging name in the Premier League who gives chills to the rival clubs once he catches his pace. He has been quite impressive with the ball control that he can run past 3 players at a time. He is one of the best successful signings of Newcastle.

He became more famous to play in Newcastle colors after joining from Nice. He came into the bigger picture when he tried a rainbow flick over 6’4 player Sebastien Heller where he was well applauded by the fans as that ability was a delight to watch.

  • Successful dribbling percentage: 72%
  • Dribbles per game: 3.6
  • Possession lost per game: 9.8
  • Duels won per game: 8.0 (68%)


1# Adama Traore

Traore is arguably the most impressive dribbler currently in world football. The Spaniard’s physique and pace together are exceptional as he gives tough time to defenders once he starts running from the wing side. He has got amazing crossing and goal-scoring ability.

He has been successful in the Premier League from the day Wolves have qualified into the Premier League. These impressive eye-catching moments have led him an opportunity to start for his country this season where he made a debut playing for the Spanish National team.

  • Successful dribbling percentage: 79%
  • Dribbles per game: 3.8
  • Possession lost: 13.5
  • Duels won: 7 (69%)


Players Successful dribbling % Dribbles per game Possession lost Duels Won
Adama Traore 79% 3.8 13.5 69%
Allan Saint-Maximin 72% 3.6 9.8 68%
Jonathan Ikone 50% 3.0 13.0 45%
Jeremie Boga 67% 2.0 8.0 50%
Wilfred Zaha 58% 1.8 13.8 44%


These were some of the names to look out for this season.


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