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Top Partnerships in World Football


The results show a different level of magic when you do things repeatedly. We have come across some big names in football that were well known for their legendary partnerships while each had their individual fame but at the same time, they were well known for adjusting in the same area together and perform at the best level in a way that they looked deadly in that position.

Such players gave an extraordinary performance together and were well known for their partnership role. At the turn of the millennium, we came across Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole (the legendary attacking partnership), Roberto Carlos and Cafu in defensive roles and Xavi and Iniesta as the midfield duo.

These days we are observing current generation partnership in the form of Salah & Mane, Kane & Son and Aguero & Sterling. If these players stay consistent and perform to the fullest extent of their talents then it won’t be long before they etch their names in footballing history.

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Let’s have a look at the top partnerships of World Football:

1# Xavi and Iniesta

This midfield duo gave chills to the opponents whenever they entered the field. It was difficult to run past or dominate them as their retention of the ball and the way they passed it around was just incredible. They were well known for the midfield role together whether it was for Barcelona or for the Spanish National Team.

Let’s have a look at the goals and assists provided by them:

2008/2009 – 50 assists and 25 goals scored

2009/2010 – 26 assists and 7 goals scored

2010/2011 – 26 assists and 17 goals scored

2011/2012 – 23 assists and 25 goals scored

They created an amazing record playing alongside and are still remembered as the two of the all-time best midfielders.

2# Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole

Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke together scored a total of 53 goals during the 1998/99 season due to which they came to be known as one of the best Premier League striking partnership.

Together they created a record in the era of Sir Alex Ferguson by winning the treble. That season was one of the best moments to cherish for the Manchester United fans till date. These 2 looked dangerous in the attack and their contribution was vital in United winning the treble.

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3# Roberto Carlos and Cafu

Carlos and Cafu were arguably the best full-back duo of all time, both of them never played for the same club but when it was time to don the Brazillian jersey their partnership was a sight to behold.

These players possessed such great quality and performance attributes that they could bring the strikers to their knees and they had some amazing seasons playing together for the Brazilian team. Now, in the current era, we have some fresh names in full-back duo partnership in the form of Alexander Arnold & Robertson, Marcelo & Carvajal and so on.

4# Messi & Suarez

These two are arguably the best names in the attack in today’s era of football. These two players had a great time together playing alongside each other and making the Barcelona attack stronger.

Both of these players are in the list of highest goal scorers of La Liga with Messi currently leading. They are said to be known a great duo on the field and at the same time good friends off the field. The friendship of these two created a bond in such a way that they could partner one another to open up the scoreline easily.

5# Salah and Mane

Liverpool’s attack reached a different level when they signed Salah and with Mane being on the other wing it completely changed the whole momentum of the Liverpool attack. With their pace and excellence, and ability to counter-attack alongside, they are well known for scoring goals and providing amazing assists.

They are continuing with their amazing run and will get more opportunities to add to their incredible tallies.

These were some of the best duos of world football until now.


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