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BBL 2020-21: 3 rule changes that we will see this season


The Big Bash League comes with yet another bang as they introduce three new changes for the BBL 2020-21 season which commences from the month of December. To keep the tournament interesting for the fans and challenging for teams, BBL has introduced Power Surge, X-factor Players, and Bash Boost.

BBL 2020-21: New rules explained

Power Surge:

In the Power Surge, the traditional T20 powerplay which consists of the 1st six overs has been reduced down to four over. The additional two overs of the Powerplay where most of the fielders are in the inner circle a.k.a Power Surge can be taken up by the batting team any time from the 11th over onwards.

X-Factor Player:

The X-Factor Player has to be named 12th or 13th man on the team sheet. In this, teams can substitute in an X-Factor Player at the halfway stage of the 1st innings. The replacement rule is that the X-Factor Player can replace any player who is yet to bat or has bowled not more than one over.

BBL Melbourne Stars
(Image Source: Twitter)

Bash Boost:

In the Bash Boost, the points award system has been changed for BBL 2020-21. Each match will have four points available- three points for the overall winner of the contest, plus the Bash Boost point which will be awarded halfway through the chase. The team which is batting second will receive the point of they are above the required score compared to their opposition. If the batting team is behind, the fielding team will be awarded the point.

“The introduction of these new innovations is yet another reason why the KFC BBL|10 season is set up to be the most exciting in the League’s history,” Big Bash boss Alistair Dobson said.

“The Power Surge, X-Factor, and Bash Boost prioritize scoring, exciting cricket, introduce new strategic angles, and ensure there’s always something to play for throughout the entire match.

“We’re confident our fans will love what these innovations bring to the game as many of the world’s top T20 players, plus our next generation of Australian stars, bring them to life on the field.”

The additional changes made to the BBL this season has been to allow sides to field three overseas players in their XI.

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