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What is Ultimate Kricket Challenge? Who is taking part in it? Where to watch?

Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020
Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020 (Image source: Twitter)

Cricket is coming out in yet another format for pure entertainment. After ODIs, T20s, and T10s, the Ultimate Kricket Challenge (UKC) is a unique one-on-one match scenario. Six players will participate in the first edition of this competition.

International Cricketers Andre Russell, Chris Gayle, Eoin Morgan, Kevin Pietersen, Rashid Khan, and Yuvraj Singh are the six participants in the Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020. The Challenge is set to commence from the 24th of December 2020 in Dubai. The final match is scheduled for 1st January 2021.

The Ultimate Kricket Challenge will take place inside the UKC Dome. The coverage in India will be brought to us by Star Sports Network. There will be a total of 16 matches in the Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020.

To understand how the challenge works, the one who will be bowling in the one-on-one will is ‘Gladiator’. While the one batting is termed as the ‘Contender’. There will also be a substitute player for Gladiator termed as the ‘Ace’. Additionally, the Gladiator will have a wicketkeeper as well.

Example: If Yuvraj Singh faces Eoin Morgan and is bowling first, he ‘Gladiator’ has to bowl a minimum of 8 deliveries out of the 15 in ‘Contender’ Morgan’s innings and vice-versa. The Ace is allowed to bowl a maximum of 7 deliveries only. In the end, the Contender with the most runs will win the match.

How will the Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020 be played and what are the Rules?

  • Every inning will consist of 15 balls.
  • As mentioned earlier, Gladiator has to bowl at least eight balls of the innings. The Ace can bowl the remaining 7 deliveries.
  • The Contender will have to score a physical run before gaining runs via the zones. There are six different scoring zones in the Ultimate Kricket Challenge –
  1. Zone A – 1 run
  2. Zone B – 1 run
  3. Zone C – 2 runs
  4. Zone D – 3 runs
  5. Zone E – with a bounce, four runs
  6. Zone F – Direct 6 runs
  • If a Contender hits the bull’s eye which will be placed behind the bowler, he will be awarded 12 runs. Also, he will get another delivery to play in his innings.
  • If a Contender loses his wicket, five runs will be deducted from his total.
  • Bouncers will be called ‘no-balls,’ and the Contender will get a free-hit.
  • The winner of every match will earn two points.
  • The top 4 players will qualify for the Ultimate Kricket Challenge semifinals.

List of players who will be participating in Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020:

Andre Russell (West Indies)

Chris Gayle (West Indies)

Eoin Morgan (England)

Kevin Pietersen (England)

Rashid Khan (Afghanistan)

Yuvraj Singh (India)

Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020 Schedule

24th December 2020: Eoin Morgan vs Kevin Pietersen

25th December 2020: Rashid Khan vs Kevin Pietersen

25th December 2020: Eoin Morgan vs Yuvraj Singh

26th December 2020: Andre Russell vs Rashid Khan

26th December 2020: Chris Gayle vs Andre Russell

27th December 2020: Yuvraj Singh vs Kevin Pietersen

27th December 2020: Chris Gayle vs Kevin Pietersen

28th December 2020: Eoin Morgan vs Rashid Khan

28th December 2020: Eoin Morgan vs Chris Gayle

29th December 2020: Eoin Morgan vs Andre Russell

29th December 2020: Chris Gayle vs Rashid Khan

30th December 2020: Kevin Pietersen vs Andre Russell

30th December 2020: Chris Gayle vs Yuvraj Singh

31st December 2020: Semifinal 1

31st December 2020: Semifinal 2

1st January 2021: Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020 Final


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