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TSD Interviews: Jim Proudfoot, Premier League commentator

Jim Proudfoot
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A name that’s very much household to the Premier League, Jim Proudfoot has been a major presence in the league over the last few years. His voice usually goes on global feed and has earned plaudits for keeping it simple and accurate always. The Sports Doyen team had the privilege to speak to him a few months ago, where he revealed some interesting PL and World Cup anecdotes.

Jim Proudfoot began his career in 1991 with DevorAir and slowly worked his way up as a journalist and commentator. His stint with Talksport earned him great recognition alongside Alan Parry and subsequently featured in every World Cup since the one held in France in 1998.

Inspired by the voices of Brian Moore and Peter Jones growing up, Proudfoot has remained in the industry for nearly 3 decades and is now a regular feature in the Premier League, having covered Bundesliga in the past as well.

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On our special talk show “Off The Pitch”, Proudfoot spoke to our host Anuraag Peesara and mentioned his early days in the world of sports, his most memorable games, football without fans and much more.

Germany smashing Brazil got a bit uncomfortable to watch (in 2014), says Proudfoot

Reminiscing some of his most memorable games in the commentary box, one of the first games Proudfoot mentioned was the Brazilian annihilation at the hands of eventual champions Germany in 2014. Germany had scored 7 at the Belo Horizonte as Brazilian cries echoed across the footballing world.

Proudfoot said that it got a bit uncomfortable commentating on that game, signifying how relentless and ruthless the Germans were on the day. “I haven’t seen a team capitulate in that way, Brazil absolutely had nowhere to go. But it was also important to acknowledge a fact that I was witnessing sporting history unfold,” Proudfoot said.

He also spoke of England’s 5-1 win at Munich against Germany in the 2002 World Cup qualifiers. “I wasn’t commentating that day, I was presenting. For England to have gone down 1-0 and to score 5 at the home of the Germans was something special,” he added.

You can watch the full interview, here:

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