Three roommates who live and breathe sports always dreamt of making their mark in the industry. For a long time, it felt like that ambition would remain a dream until we decided to act on it.

That is how The Sports Doyen got up and running, with an intent to communicate stories from the sporting world that connects on an emotional level with our audience and also makes a contribution to improving the rapidly decreasing levels of sports reportage.


Journalism or reportage should help and bridge the gap between the game and its fans and we aim to bridge that gap through extensive statistical and subjective analysis from the best of experts available in our industry.

We also wish to make TSD a platform where writers with the best possible experience have the freedom to express their analysis or view-point in a way they wish to communicate.

The great Ian Chappell once said that to make your presence felt as a journalist, it is important to identify points not everyone can spot. We strive hard on a daily basis to bring up such points which helps our readers understand the game better.


Anuraag Peesara (CEO, Co-founder) – A young sportswriter who has been in the industry for over five years, Anuraag Peesara tries to tap into the emotional aspects of sports as well as understanding the subjective aspect of it to provide a comprehensive point of view. He leads the way for TSD, to make sure the organization lives up to its motives.

Sai Gautham (Business Development head, Co-founder) – An avid sports lover who carries Philip Kotler’s “Principles of Marketing” with him everywhere, Sai Gautham tries to understand the world of business in a unique perspective, always figuring out new ways to enhance our business and marketing strategies. He also researches innovative content to publish on our social media handles.

Santosh Samudrala (COO, Co-founder) – Santosh Samudrala finds his inspiration in Manchester City and Virat Kohli, an individual specific with his choices and with a knack to manage financial affairs well courtesy his family’s business background. A very pragmatic individual, Santosh also plays a crucial role in managing our social media profiles.